About Me

Hello! My name is Lara, but you probably already knew that because you are: A) A friend whom I have forced this blog upon, or B) A family member who didn’t know I was bisexual and is just now finding out. Surprise! In case you didn’t already know, I am a current graduate student in the Bay Area working towards her M.A in Counseling. When I’m not thinking about depression I like to bake, and since I also crave attention I decided to make this blog to share my baking journey with the void. Why is my blog called “Bi Making Pie”? Well like I said above, I’m bi, and I make pie. (And other baked goods, but “bimakingcake” doesn’t rhyme.) On this blog I will be documenting my attempts to try new things and improve my baking skills, share the rare original recipe that I manage to pull out of my brain, and blather on about my opinions relating to baking and life. (Probably some gay shit too, gotta stay on brand here.) If you like you can follow me on Instagram @bimakingpie.